Long-Term Effects of Untreated Facial Trauma

Facial trauma, if left untreated, can have lasting consequences on your health and well-being. From physical discomfort to emotional distress, the effects can be significant. Here’s what can happen:

Permanent Loss of Function and Disfigurement

The human face is complex, with many bones, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and sensory organs.

If facial trauma isn’t treated, it can cause permanent loss of function, like problems with vision, chewing, speaking, or swallowing. It can also lead to disfigurement, changing the appearance of the face for good.

Facial Fractures

Depending on the type and severity of the injury, facial fractures can cause severe bleeding, swelling, bruising, and a distorted appearance. Some specific fractures include:

  • LeFort I: A horizontal fracture above the teeth and beneath the nose.
  • LeFort II: A crack extending from the eye socket across the bridge of the nose and downward through the cheekbone.
  • LeFort III: A horizontal line across the back of the eye sockets.
  • Orbital Bone Fractures: These can lead to double vision, missing teeth, and difficulty breathing through the nose.

Emotional and Psychological Impact

Untreated trauma can cause unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, and strained relationships. Also, physical symptoms like headaches or nausea can occur. Some people find it hard to move forward with their lives.

Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms

These symptoms may occur because of the injury itself or trigger other conditions. They can include trouble sleeping, dizziness, stress, and mental health issues.

Other Signs of Untreated Facial Trauma

Here are some additional effects of untreated facial trauma:

  • Changes in feeling throughout the face
  • Deformed face or uneven facial bones
  • Vision affected by bruising and/or swelling around the eyes
  • Nose breathing becomes difficult

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