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No patient undergoing a surgical procedure wants to experience complications or end up with unexpected results. Unfortunately, this can occur after a surgical procedure. In this case, a revision surgery will be required.

If you’re someone who has had a previous surgery, we invite you to schedule a consultation at the Oral and Facial Surgery Institute of Houston.

As highly experienced and dedicated surgeons, our team of providers are experts in oral treatments and facial cosmetic surgery. With each procedure, they provide functional improvement and aesthetic satisfaction to patients all over Texas, and by offering revision surgery, they are also prepared to correct any mistakes from past surgeries.

What Is Revision Surgery?

Revision surgery is a surgical procedure that will be performed on patients who have previously undergone a surgical procedure but have either experienced complications from it or were unsatisfied with the results from it.

Why Would Someone Need Revision Surgery?

Revision surgeries can be needed for a number of reasons. Because our surgeons are experts in oral treatments and facial cosmetic surgery, we’ve broken down these reasons into two categories.

You may need oral revision surgery if you have been experiencing any of the following since receiving your previous procedure:

  • Difficulty biting, chewing, or eating
  • Pain while talking, smiling, or moving your mouth. 
  • Pain when biting down
  • Prolonged swelling
  • Numbness
  • Bleeding

You may need facial cosmetic revision surgery if you have been experiencing any of the following since receiving your previous procedure:

  • Unhappiness with your results
  • Asymmetry or a lopsided appearance
  • Swelling in treated areas of the face
  • Pain while making facial expressions
  • Visible complications in the face that have not improved since completing the recovery
  • Chronic pain
  • Infection
  • Damage to nerves or blood vessels
  • Unexpected weight gain

A physical exam and imaging process will likely be performed before your revision surgery so that your surgeon can identify exactly how to approach your procedure to achieve improved results.

What Are the Different Revision Surgery Techniques?

There are multiple surgical techniques a surgeon can use to perform a revision surgery. These techniques can include:

  • Converting a previous surgery from one type to another
  • Modifying a previous surgery
  • Re-doing a prior operation
  • Complete reversal of a previous surgery

How Does Revision Surgery Work?

A revision is tailored to the patient’s needs. Since revision cases are unique, our expert team can review your history and work with you to evaluate your options.

How Should I Prepare for Scar Revision Surgery?

Preparing ahead of time for your revision surgery can minimize the risk of further complications and help you get the results you truly want this time around. Before arriving for your revision surgery, we recommend patients do the following:

  • Consult with your primary doctor about stopping medications that may interfere with your procedure.
  • Ensure that you are healthy enough to undergo another surgical procedure. 
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications.
  • Quit smoking at least six weeks before your surgery.
  • Stick to a healthy diet.
  • Establish an exercise routine that will help you maintain a stable weight.
  • Arrange transportation plans with a loved one.

How Long Will It Take to Recover from Revision Surgery?

The recovery process after a revision surgery will be different for each patient. While some procedures only require several weeks of recovery, for some, a full recovery may take up to twelve months. If you are someone who has experienced surgical complications during your recovery in the past, it can be beneficial to schedule more frequent follow-up appointments with your surgeon to monitor your progress while you are healing.

It may take up to 12 months to fully recover. Most people will feel comfortable returning to work and resuming some of their normal activities three to six months after the surgery (this may not include exercise or other strenuous physical activities).

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If you are interested in eliminating pain and complications for good, schedule a consultation with the Oral and Facial Surgery Institute of Houston for your oral or facial cosmetic revision surgery. Click here or call 346-444-3848 to find out more information. Our team of experienced surgeons is proud to serve patients in Houston, TX, and its surrounding areas.

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