The Best Age to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Close,Up,Of,A,Young,Handsome,Positive,Curly,Man,WithAdults can have up to 32 teeth, including four wisdom teeth, or third molars, that erupt in early adulthood. Some people never develop wisdom teeth, and others get them but they do not cause any issues. Many others find that their wisdom teeth are painful or negatively affect the position of their other teeth. This is why orthodontists typically recommend wisdom teeth removal in early adulthood.

The Ideal Age to Remove Wisdom Teeth

As a general rule, wisdom teeth should be removed between the ages of 18-24, though some patients may need to have theirs extracted sooner. The primary reason to remove wisdom teeth is structural concerns; most people’s mouths do not have enough room in the dental arch for their wisdom teeth to grow in.

As a result, extra molars can cause crowding, which causes other teeth to shift and even push too close together. This can increase the risk of cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and more.

In some cases, wisdom teeth don’t come out all the way. This is known as a partial eruption; the position of teeth below the gum’s surface can still cause issues, as they may still cause your surrounding molars to move forward.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Often Preventative

One of the primary reasons orthodontists suggest early wisdom teeth removal is to prevent crowding and discomfort; early extraction can also help avoid impaction. Impacted wisdom teeth are trapped inside the gums or jawbone, and they can cause issues like decay and infection.

By having routine check-ups to assess your wisdom teeth, you can make the right choice for your oral health.

Just because wisdom teeth removal is beneficial does not mean it is always necessary. In some cases, patients feel most comfortable keeping their extra molars and waiting to see if they cause any problems.

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At the Oral & Facial Institute of Houston, we tend to patients with their wisdom teeth needs. From early eruption to impaction, decaying wisdom teeth, crowding, and more, our team will help find the right solution for your needs. We can also help address any changes third molars have caused to your bite, so you can achieve the best alignment and function.

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