Can Orthognathic Surgery Correct My Bite?

Dental,Dent,Health,Care,Ad,Concept,Picture, ,Brunette,BeautifulOrthognathic surgery is a procedure performed on the jaw to correct structural abnormalities, and it’s typically recommended for patients who may have tried a number of more conventional treatments. If you’ve been having difficulties chewing or speaking, or you’re dissatisfied with the symmetry of your smile, this may be the answer. We’ll look at whether orthognathic surgery can help correct the bite and who you can turn to if you want to take the next step.

What Are the Steps of Orthognathic Surgery?

Orthognathic surgery usually starts with an appliance like braces, which can help align the teeth and jaws as much as possible before the procedure. It’s worth noting that this step can get you closer to your goals, which will make it easier for the surgeon to finish the job.

After the prep work is complete, the surgeon will schedule the surgery. The first step is to make incisions along the gums. They’ll need to cut into the bone to get to the jaw. Once the jaw has been repositioned, the surgeon will use plates and screws to hold it in place. This procedure has been known to fix severe jaw deformities but can also help treat anything from missing teeth to sleep apnea to TMJ.

How Long Will It Take to Recover After Surgery?

The recovery period can take a few weeks up to a few months. The dentist may also have their patients fitted with braces to complete the finishing touch-ups. This is the last step of the surgery, and it may take up to a year to finalize. The good news is that the transformation can be literally life-changing.

Schedule an Evaluation for Your Misaligned Bite Today

It takes a skilled surgeon to determine whether orthognathic surgery is right for their patient. When there are a number of other oral treatments available to correct a person’s bite, it’s important to make the right decision. If you want to learn more, contact the Oral and Facial Surgery Institute of Houston at 281-491-4545 or complete a contact form online.

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